Communicate with the Spanish-speaking world

A bit like having a bilingual secretary just when you need her...


Hello. I am Mabel Schenone, a freelance Spanish translator. You can count on my experience, as I have been translating full time since 1993.


Each client is unique and special, that´s why I may ask you a few questions when you place your order. Once we have agreed on your requirements and what the project entails you can then relax and leave it to me.


I have been a full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) since 2003 and I abide by their Code of Professional Conduct. I also communicate with both Spanish and English native speakers every single day of my life.


I don´t shy at researching, which I actually enjoy enormously, and I have a flair for spotting mistakes.


Whether you are a business or a personal client...


I can help you with SERVICES such as:


- Translation (thanks to the use of Translation Memory technologies I can leverage similar translated text, so if you need updates, I will be able to reuse existing similar translations automatically, which will lower your costs)


- Self-certified translations (with ITI seal);


- Proofreading or updating of previously translated text;


- Providing an oral or email gist of a document in Spanish;


- Language coaching/revision for students on translation courses or who are studying English or Spanish as a foreign language;


- Desk research and telephone liaison with Spanish-speakers;


and any task that involves ensuring effective communication with the Spanish-speaking world.


Please visit my dedicated page for                                                        or the specific page for                                                        for more details.




English-Spanish Translations

and Linguistic Services

It's all about people and communication

I believe that translation is not just about rendering messages accurately into another language, but also understanding WHO the message is intended for and WHAT its intended use is.


You can expect a quality service that will aim at exceeding your requirements and expectations.

I have very good organizational skills, so when I take on a project, you can relax and leave it to me.


If something is not crystal clear or if the content doesn´t seem fully appropriate for its intended addressee, I will certainly discuss it with you and offer you an alternative that would work well in the eyes of a Spanish-speaker.