You need somebody who knows what they are doing:

  • I have been there many times as I have myself needed translations from and into languages I couldn't or could hardly speak so I am happy to explain things to you in as much (or as little) detail as you need
  • I have had extensive and wide experience as a freelance Spanish translator, proofreader, and teacher

You need somebody who loves what they are doing:

  • I am passionate about communication and languages,
  • I like helping people achieve what they want, and
  • I like exceeding people's expectations whenever I can.

Let me give you some examples:

Are you getting married? I have translated wedding ceremonies into Spanish, so that attendants could follow the ceremony with the aid of their bilingual printouts, regardless of whether they were English or Spanish speakers. I have also translated wedding vows and if you need a wedding speech translated, I will be happy to help you.

Do you need a tenancy agreement translated from or into Spanish? I have helped a British tenant in Spain sort out responsabilities for maintenance and repairs at the flat he was renting, by translating the relevant sections of his tenancy agreement.

Do you need help with an insurance claim in Spanish? I have helped a British pensioner negotiate an insurance claim in Spain on the phone. He was so happy with my service and reasonable fee that he gave me a 20 pound note tip!

Do you have properties in Spain or Latin America? I have helped a British businesswoman deal with the sale of her timeshare in a Spanish resort.

Do you need certificates and affidavits translated into Spanish? I have translated several personal documents in English for many couples so that they could get married in Dominican Republic and I have helped several people get their Argentine visas by translating several certificates for them. If you need translation of personal documents like these, I will always check the requirements with the relevant Embassy or Consulate, as different countries have different specifications, such as having translations notarised (which I will be happy to undertake for you).

Do you need a special letter translated into Spanish? I have translated many different kinds of personal letters, from love letters to letters to people in charge of property and cars in Spain while their British owners are back in the UK.

Do you need a medical warning translated into Spanish for a trip? I have probably saved lives by translating allergy warning cards/statements for travellers going to Spanish-speaking countries.

Are you a beneficiary on a Spanish will? I have translated several wills as well as documents allowing people to continue getting their pensions and University superannuations abroad.

Are you owed money from Spain or Latin America? I have helped in international debt-collection.

If what you need is not included in these examples, please don't hesitate to contact me anyway. These are just some examples, not a comprehensive list. If I am not the right professional to assist you, I may be able to point in the direction of somebody else who is!

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Do you need help with a particular topic or assignment? Do you think you could do with some support while you revise?

Do you want somebody to practise your conversation skills with?

Would you like some feedback on a document or paper you have written in Spanish or English, and they are not your mother tongue?

Would you like me to take a look at that all-important CV you have drafted to apply for a placement or course abroad?

We can work together, even if you are not in my area. That is what technology is for!