In most cases the following pricing structure will apply to direct clients. If you are a translation company, other terms and conditions apply. Please contact me for details.


All work is accepted on the basis of a quotation supplied to you in writing prior to commencement of the work. Quoted prices are valid for at least 20 days from the date of the quotation.



My prices are on a per word basis that varies according to the nature of the text so that a private love letter or student CV costs less than a complex technical text that takes longer to translate.


There is a Minimum Charge of £35.00 for the translation of short texts with a low word count.



This is normally based on a rate per word (£0.03/word – discounts available on large projects), provided the translated text was translated by a professional native speaker and is up to standard, i.e. just slips, typos, omissions and punctuation errors to be corrected. However, if the translated text was not translated by a native speaker or a translation software was used then the rate needs to be negotiated.


I normally use Microsoft Word revision tools to show you what corrections and amendments have been made and you will receive two versions: one “tracked version” showing all my amendments and one “clean version” for your use. I can also work on PDF files and show changes by highlighting/underlining text and/or adding notes.



If you are not a regular client of my English to Spanish services you will not have a customer account and will need to settle between 50% (for large projects) and 100% (for small texts like Minimum Charges) of the quoted fees in advance. If only 50% of the total amount has been paid in advance, then the balance is payable on delivery of the translation. After the first project, you will have a customer account and you will pay for the translation upon delivery.


Regular clients usually enjoy 30 days credit from invoice date.


Payment methods

I accept payments by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. 


VAT: No VAT is added to the prices so there is no VAT administration for companies and no VAT for those who are not VAT registered.


Free Quotation
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