Communicate with the Spanish-speaking world

Whether you are a company or a non-profit organisation, there are times when you may need Spanish language services


You can benefit from my years of experience as a freelance Spanish translator to assist you with your business needs. I have worked for many major British and multinational companies and franchises, and I can assist you in projects such as the following:


  • Translation or proofreading of your press releases and newsletters


  • Translation, proofreading or updates for your websites or surveys


  • Translation, proofreading or updates for your technical handbooks, product descriptions, or MSDS: among others, I have had extensive experience in the fields of telecomms (specially submarine optical fibre network provisioning and military radio systems), the shoe-making industry, vertical machining centres, automotive vehicles, earth-moving machinery and drilling tools


  • Translation, proofreading or updates for your training materials or briefs, including visual merchandising briefs


  • Translation, proofreading or updates for contractual documents, policies and legal documents, including privacy policies, whistleblowing policies, and data protection policies


  • Translation or proofreading of intellectual property documents, such as application submissions and opposition documents


  • Translation of business correspondence


  • Translation, proofreading or updates for your leaflets or other marketing materials


  • Translation or proofreading for your books: for instance, I have translated University textbooks on Strategic Management, Management of Change, and Management Accounting for an MBA course and I have also translated Materia Medica of Ayurvedic Medicine. I have proofread secondary school Spanish textbooks and holiday revision guides before they went to press


  • Assessment of Spanish competence of candidates for a job


  • Transcription of videos and recorded materials in preparation for translation into several languages


  • Translation of media content for subtitling purposes