Translations during COVID-19

The past few weeks have been very busy with usual translation and proofreading jobs plus new translations into Spanish related to COVID-19.

New projects around COVID-19 involved translating company guidelines on how to transition to working from home, newsletters praising some staff for their courage in continuing to fulfil their customer-facing and production roles, and questionnaires to check how staff were coping with working and networking from their homes.

It is very fulfilling for me to be able to enable Spanish-speakers to continue to contribute to society and to earn a living.

I have been working as a freelance translation since 1993 and most of the time I have worked from my home office. I understand the discipline this kind of work requires and the challenges that may present, so I am happy to assist those companies that care for their Spanish-speaking employees around the world and help them so that they can have as smooth a transition to homeworking as possible.